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Seven Reasons Why You Should
Choose Center Stage And
What You Should Know About Our Dance Studio!

1. Center Stage is the premiere studio on Hawaii Island. Why?

We have 12 highly qualified instructors in their special areas of dance, and we offer 36 classes per week. Our instructors are highly qualified- meaning, they are adults with professional training, college degrees, certifications, and/or professional careers in dance! Our instructors are also sought out for their personalities, because they can connect to their students in fun, inspirational, and meaningful ways, while pushing the bar ever higher for those who want to be serious dancers!

2. Center Stage Students Learn the Art of Performing as Well as Dancing!

Center Stage students are known for their charisma on and off the stage. When students come to our studio to learn to dance, they learn so much more-They learn the ART of being on the stage and entertaining their audience. “I have been to a lot of recitals on the mainland, and your recital was one of the most entertaining, and exciting recitals I have ever seen”. Says Amy Colletta, the mother of a young dancer in California and former Lido (Paris) dancer. Here is a video clip from one of our shows. See for yourself! Center Stage Show Link

3. We Make Learning to Dance Fun as Well as Educational.

Students at Center Stage ALWAYS have a smile on their faces. Instructors know that dancing is not all seriousness. Dancing IS and should be FUN! Yes, dancing is hard work, but hard work can be fun. When you are passionate about what you do, as our instructors are, it is easy to transmit that passion and exuberance to students. That is how our instructors teach their students-WITH PASSION!

4. Many of Our Students Move On to the Mainland and Abroad to Further Their Study of Dance, Teach, or Dance Professionally!

For the relatively short time that Center Stage has been in business (since 2006), it has already produced dancers who are performing for Cirque Du Soleil, Lines Contemporary Ballet, Human One Architecture, and other companies and shows. Other dancers have received full rides to private universities and dance training programs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, and New York! Here is a video clip of one such dancer- Natalie Walters. Natalie Walters Perfoming Link

5. If You Are Interested in Study at Center Stage Please Be Prepared for a Commitment!

We will make a commitment to give 100% at every class, and we ask the same from parents and students! Dance and learning to dance is fun, but not easy. If you want to get the most from your dance lessons then you should expect to be present and on time for every class and rehearsal and show Making a commitment for one session is awesome, but if you want to get ALL of the benefits of taking dance classes, then a much longer commitment is BETTER!

Benefits are physical, emotional, and mental. Students gain strength, flexibility,and better coordination. Students also gain focus for academic study, better memories, and let's face it-who doesn't feel better after moving and being inspired by incredible music! Our instructors focus on both improv, which helps with creativity and thinking on one's feet—AND they focus on teaching choreography, which helps with coordination, focus and memory! All of this has been proven scientifically in study after study of dancers.

6. Students at Center Stage are Placed in the Class and Level by Our Professional Instructors!

Our instructors are professionals, and will place you or your child where we believe you will do best! We make every attempt to put your child or you where we think you will make the most progress and enjoy classes the most! We will be the person who will tell you or your child when we think you should move to the next level, HOWEVER, there are times when a child or a parent needs to bring it to our attention if they feel the need to move up! We may say NO, but please do not feel bad, we are only trying to do what we think is best for your child or you. Please remember that we are experts in dance, and sometimes we see things about students that you may not be able to see! One thing is for sure, we always have our students best interests at heart no matter what. We want everyone to feel great about themselves, and their fellow students. We push for friendliness, and supportive behavior from all of our students! We pride ourselves on our positive behavior as instructors, which we feel rubs off on our students. Center Stage students are some of the most friendly dance students ever!

7. Center Stage Produces Two Shows Per Year!

Every December and every May we produce a show! Christmas will be a large fundraiser and performance event. In May, we always produce a live show with a theme! We have costumes but prefer to keep prices for costumes down because we have many students who are in as many as 8 pieces! This is one way that we differ from a lot of studios, where costumes can run $100 for just one! We try to keep costumes at about $20! We also perform at many community events, and corporate shows. Students who take several classes per week and who have become awesome dancers and performers are usually invited to perform in these specialty shows!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Center Stage and what we can do for you or your child if you come dance with us! We hope to see you in the near future. Get ready to come dance, and have a great time while learning!

We'll see you on the dance floor!


Center Stage Dance Alliance
is a 501c3 Non Profit,
which means your donations
to us are tax deductible!

Center Stage Dance Alliance -
Mission Statement

"To be a resource for the community in providing meaningful activities that mentors, trains and facilitates young people and dancers through the art of dance and creative movement. To provide a positive outlet for the community that enriches and enhances the East Hawaii residential area."

Our Specific Purpose

a. To provide a safe environment for the youth of East Hawaii to learn and practice dance.

b. To educate advanced dancers in the techniques of instructing dance through mentoring and apprenticeships.

c. To enrich the East Hawaii dance community by providing workshops and hosting guest insructors.

d. To provide meaningful and dynamic performance opportunities for dancers in East Hawaii.

e. To mentor students wishing to enter into dance as a profession.

All notes, meetings and bylaws are made public and are available at the studio.

CDSA is Directed by Pier Sircello

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We're located at 1133 Manono St, Bays 7 & 8, Hilo, Hawaii 96720.
Contact Us: 808-990-7163 -